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Terrorism continues to make victims. As more victims die, amongst the spirits of the dead, a group has now formed to help newcomers who have crossed over in this way.

But the living too have a part to play. We should meditate for the dead as follows (see instructions below):

This Mantram was by Rudolf Steiner (for those killed in war):

You who watch over souls in the spheres,
You who weave around souls in the spheres.
Spirits, who work protecting the souls of men
With love from cosmic wisdom:
Hear our request, look at our love,
Which wants to unite with your power currents of help,
Intuiting the spirit, radiating love.

For the wounded (physically and emotionally) we should meditate as follows:

You who watch over souls on earth,
You who weave around souls on earth,.
Spirits, who work protecting the souls of men
With love from cosmic wisdom:
Hear our request, look at our love,
Which wants to unite with your power radiance of help,
Giving the spirit, sending love.

How to meditate:

Concentrate on each word of the text one at a time, stopping at the end of each phrase.

Imagine each word as livingly and as fully as possible, to make it come alive in you.

Then go back over the same phrase a second time, this time trying to focus on the feelings each phrase evokes.

Then go back over the same phrase a third time, and for each word ask what it means to you personally.

Then go back over the same phrase for the fourth and final time, asking yourself what action it asks from you: what will-impulse it awakens.

Now you are ready to go to the next phrase; until you reach the end.

Repeat daily for about a week following major atrocities, then weekly for a month, and then monthly thereafter. Restart high frequency as needed.

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The Missing Perspective
There is an additional viewpoint to what has already been said on this topic, and that concerns our inner responsibility in relation to what triggered these sad events.

Whether or not it is a conspiracy by the state matters little, given that the whole thing has been made possible by the masses who let themselves be manipulated through fear, hatred and superficiality.

Since the 19th Century the French state had already invented the system of the
agent provocateur. Believing that in the 21st Century this kind of thing cannot exist would be truly naive.

In fact, that which truly triggered the whole sequence was a problem that each of us knows very well since we went through it (otherwise, you would not be reading this) and that is the observation that a purely materialist life, lived like good animals who chew the grass without disturbing anyone, and who purely enjoy physical pleasures (that nice voyage, that meal, that handbag) is a life that is not only terribly false and superficial, but also deadly boring.

However, few people know that inner working exists and that is is deeply satisfying, building a bridge between the iner life and outer reality, and like life scintillating with thousands of facets.

War and Trickery

Other people do not know any alternative other than taking their courage in their hands and setting off to war. We have already seen in Bosnia, how youths from the region around Trieste and elsewhere, set off to war filled with ideals, and came back inwardly wounded by the things they lived through.

We see it now with those who set off towards Al Qaeda or for ISIL/ISIS in Syria, or into other areas in Africa or elsewhere.

The BBC recently sent a reporter to Russia, to interview the volunteers who were going off to Ukraine. Here we saw the same luciferically distorted idealism (in this case the defence of Holy Mother Russia and the Orthodox religion), with the same bloody results.

In fact, if we observe carefully, we can see in the souls of these young people a burning desire for something more than materialist life: a search for a "secret" or occult life which we live through the
practice of Spiritual Science, but that impulse is deviated to where it can only do harm.

Certainly, behind appearances, dreadfully anti-moral forces are at work, like the person who attached a bomb onto a ten year old girl on the 11th January in Nigeria in order to kill civilians in a market, ot those who train living bombs, using lies about a Muslim paradise (terribly distorted) for those who "sacrifice themselves".

These people only take hold of an impulse to live a more spiritual life, to be lived as fully as possible, an impulse which should turn those people towards us, the
practitioners of Spiritual Science, who would know how to guide these youths on the path that leads to freedom, to understanding and to love, instead of hatred and a brutal karma. It is not by chance that precisely these people are being targeted....

Conspiracy and Karma

No less atrocious from an ethical viewpoint are those who work to create murders using fake perpetrators, to discredit any thought current, without realising that those who die are human beings, even if they think this or that.

A conspiracy to manipulate other people's freedom, treating humans like beasts with no individual I, like ants, to be exploited for their economic potential is the foundation for this.

Certainly, we know that karma operates to adjust these matters, and that the Logos does not allow even a single one of His own to be lost, but we, to the extent that we are prepared by inner working over several long years, we cannot remain just wringing our hands.

The action we should undertake is inner above all: through the East and West initiative [eastandwest.co /eastandwest.info], we are starting to move in the right direction.

But it is now urgent to go beyond this, and start to come forward in society. I and other volunteers will sacrifice our anonymity fo be able to offer clearer guidance to the world (if necessary covered by a pseudonym).

This should be done via a Website. The we can add live adverts on media like Facebook and Twitter, so that everyone can know where to turn to find practical help that does not judge, which appreciates individuals, and knows how to help people grow.

Various people can do this. So we should creat a system in shifts, to cover 24 hours of possible requests, witha view to a world-wide launch, in various languages, starting with those available on East And West.

We have the means. How many more dead are we waiting for?

Actual Proposal

1 Escorting the Dead by Meditating Them
bearing in mind that there are nothing but victims: victims of hatred twisted into murderous violence, or victims of deadly deception, we should meditate the dead in any massacres.

The technique of meditation demands preparation in the technique of concentration (because if we are not capable of holding a single thought still for at least 5 minutes, it is a waste of effort).

A beginner who does not yet know what to do can find indications by doing a web search on the 5 (or 6) exercises proposed by Rudolf Steiner (or of not see the works by Massimo Scaligero on that topic). In English, you can also visit

The dead are to be meditated, by imagining them bathed in light, at the best of their potential (recalling that they are no longer the beings that lived in the bodies we maybe knew, or that we may have seen pictures of).

Having animated that imagination, follow them in their contact with the Logos (going towards the light).

Then meditate in the evening (animate in the imagination) this Mantram by Rudolf Steiner (for those killed in war):

You who watch over souls in the spheres,
You who weave around souls in the spheres.
Spirits, who work protecting the souls of men
With love from cosmic wisdom:
Hear our request, look at our love,
Which wants to unite with your power currents of help,
Intuiting the spirit, radiating love.

It is left to each person to assess the time required which cannot be less than 5 minutes a day. At the end of the exercise, leave the consciousness empty for a certain time (no less than 3 minutes), and see what returns you get.

This should be repeated each day until you get inner confirmation that the situation (agitated like a tempest in such cases initially) has totally calmed down. The we can stop and move on to something else (whose turn is it?).

2 Monitoring Other Victims
Start as above (technique of meditation etc. until the paragraph that starts to handle the dead specifically, bearing in mind that other victims may be outwardly completely unharmed, but deeply wounded inside.

The meditate in the morning (animate through imagination) this Mantram by Rudolf Steiner (for combatants in war):

You who watch over souls on earth,
You who weave around souls on earth,.
Spirits, who work protecting the souls of men
With love from cosmic wisdom:
Hear our request, look at our love,
Which wants to unite with your power radiance of help,
Giving the spirit, sending love.

The timing and technique are exactly the same as above.

If we organise in the right way, we should be able to obtain the following miracle: that the evil attempted by the authors of these terrible acts, may be transformed into good for the victims fist of all, and for all humanity too.


There is a special temptation ascending along the path: that is of judging the path based on the ethical development of the person that practices it.

In the Gospels, Christ incites us to never judge our neighbour (a question of motes in the eye of our brother instead of beams in our own).

The there is the consideration that no one really knows what pressures and inner conditions anyone is labouring under, and thus we cannot ever truly assess the ethical circumstances around any act.

But someone who is seeking their own path, naturally tends to look at the human results from long practise along any path: spiritual science is not immune from this. And from a certain viewpoint this is justified too.

Certainly, one could reply using Steiner's comment, that practitioners should not be judged for what they are, but one should ask what they might have been without Anthroposophy.

Yet this is already a work of the imagination (first stage of cognition before inspiration and intuition), and not everyone is in a position to pull it off, because in itself it demans a technique that is unknown to the majority of the uninitiated.

But I am not here to justify the poor results by those who practise the inner path of thinking: because what I have to say mostly involves me myself.

And whilst when I was young I had a certain critical attitude towards those who I saw as hypocrites (those who called themselves Anthroposophists but never did any exercises), with the passing of the years, my position has greatly changed.

It ahs changed because I have fallen over my own limitations several times: not only that which involves desire which all males everywhere have in common (and in this context advice from Steiner is precious, even though it was only published at the end of the 1980s in German – and I do not believe it has ever been translated – from the lessons of the Esoteric School of the Theosophical Society: that is that desire disappears ehtn devotion to the Spirit becomes strong enough); not only this, but other limitations of my own too.

One practical example is the rage that rises up in me with such speed that it surrounds me before I even become aware of it, and this happens fairly often. I am improving, but with a terrible slowness, cwhich means I continue to offend the innocent despite myself.

It always remains a consciousness issue – but personal honesty means that i do not want to pretend that I am better than I am– I prefer to work to truly get better.

And that is how I ask anyone who looks at my behaviour to check if the path I follow is worthwhile,to have a certain human understanding – which was missing when I was young. What I follow as a path has not limits – But I do instead – but only for the meantime.

I improve every day, and I reckon to continue doing so as long as I am able to.

If I do not manage to overcome myself, I risk going mad – and then I will even go mad, but i refuse to give up.

Let us remember: on step forward in knowledge, means three steps forward in morality – and how long the path is!