East and West

Changing the world, by changing ourselves....…

May 2016


Our Origins

This group was born to set up joint spiritual action for the good of mankind, faced with the general emergency in every field of spiritual life and ethics.

Now, two years on, the time has already come in which it is useful to see again what observations have been made, to build them into the second stage of the work.

It is obvious that such observations must arise from each person’s absolute freedom: but not in such as way that they are subjective, but rather based on objective changes in the situation, in order to be able to react in a suitable and rapid way to any future developments.

Technically: What have We Done?
We have incorporated the meditation on the Logos, and one monthly concentration (maybe even weekly or daily) into the practices of a few friends. This fact is certainly positive, and certainly there is no question of abandoning this practice, but it should be intensified, taking our lead from the observation that at the time of the author of the meditation everything was already set into the imperfect past tense: surely not by error.

Is that enough? The facts show this is not so.

Therefore: What to Add and Why?
I suggest as an inner analysis:

    Try to see the spiritual/ethical background, to discover the scale of the response required from us, as bearers/supporters of the ideas others will later be able to draw upon.
    Frequency: it comes naturally to suggest daily, given the way in which the mass media are organised, but a weekly review could suffice as a preparatory exercise.
      Try to find the karmic background, to discover the causes underlying the phenomena that take place and which affect us (or do not affect us and why) in the current situation, in which lies its reality.
      Frequency: align with the choice for pure perception.
        Try to see the moments in which that unexpected force that we can call miraculous help came into play, not only in our personal lives, but also in that of the world. Simply recall that the purpose of the whole East and West initiative was to introduce this element into the world.
        Frequency: as above.

        Now this is all well and good, and it doubtless helps us to understand the world, but we have not yet gone on to the stage of real inner action.

        We also need to observe that the suggestions above are a considerable increase over the initial minimum commitment.

        For this reason, friends are asked to practice a weekly analysis frequency as a minimum, as a commitment. Then, those who want to and who can may move on to daily practice.

        One can further understand that analysis on its own is not enough: we need to go beyond, to the stage of action in order for something to happen.

        Turning thus to Inner Action:
        I suggest performing with the same frequency as above:
          The aim is forming a true spiritual community amongst us, helping each other mutually, with the option of adding other people as needed.
            The aim is obtaining freedom in our intentions, so that we can act in the world without any personal interests, but with the power of continuing repeated action to bring down even the most resistant obstacles.
              The aim is remembering every day what our real needs are, and we let pass us by, in order to remedy them.

              I would like to add that in this case, the three exercises proposed should tend to fusing with each other: that is, by founding through the Heart of Christ, an archetype of human communion who prays the second part of the Our Father, with the disinterested freedom that is taught by the second exercise.

              An everyday frequency, which in my opinion is required, will not be any great strain for those who already practise these exercises, but if on the other hand one is not yet at this point, a minimum weekly frequency is requested.

              It is understood that taking part or not in the practise is an individual choice that concerns each individual and no one else. We may ask, but there is never any compulsion.

              We have to hope that each of us knows twelve people involved with whom we can talk/cooperate in the heart of Christ exercise. If not, it will be necessary to speak to those we do know, and to meditate other people we know who seem suitable to us.

              The latter may also appear in the guise of our enemies, or people who are personally hostile: but what matters is that we are able to recognise their merit, and not vice versa.

              The work as a spiritual community continues in a cell form: nobody knows everyone, but everyone knows a restricted number of people. This works well to produce continuity in terrorism: why not for us, who are fundamentally anti-terrorist?

              It must be understood that this required intense and demanding work: but that is in proportion to the world’s problems, which are huge, and weighty.

              In spiritual working we have a lever to lift the world with: is it surprising that the world is so heavy?

              Occult work means taking occult responsibility for what happens, and moving destiny with the Logos towards what it wants: not I but the Logos in me/us.

              It is not a question of only seeing the Logos at work in the world, and facing us; since we are reaching out to become the real bearers of the Logos (sons of God).

              Finding the means for doing this and for helping in organizing this initiative is the main motivation for my present incarnation. I suspect the same is true for many of us.

              After this, it will also be useful to set up a system of commercial/financial education in order to create resources to enable the long-term sustainability of this initiative.

              But we must not overdo this side: we have already seen what human greed can do with the history of the Templars. That is why I have not dealt with setting up companies amongst ourselves, and also because the theory of threefolding shows that brotherhood in the economic field means that anyone can be our business partner.

              Therefore, in order not to deviate too much from the purpose of the present document, I will only indicate that news in this field will follow.

              Lastly, we will create a Blog page on East and West so individual suggestions can be made.