East and West

Changing the world, by changing ourselves....…

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Who are we?

We are a group of persons working inwardly for ethical and spiritual self-development.

We meet in spirit every month to do exercises of an inward nature together.

The aim is to produce a power that can generate miracles.

That is then inserted into the world’s becoming, for the good of mankind (not for personal ends).

Monthly working in common lasts 30 minutes, on the third Saturday each month.

As a preparation for the spiritual action, each month a preparatory reading is set to be read through and pondered deeply.

Each participant in turn, is invited to suggest a monthly reading and the exercises for the following month. 
They must be sent to the contact email below at least 10 days before the start of the month involved.

Anyone who wants to enrol is free to do so, using the contact link. A commitment to take part for a minimum period of three months is preferred.

Naturally, anyone who wants to perform the monthly programme suggested on a weekly, or even daily basis, is free to do so. 

Some of us think that in today’s world we need
more than simple prayer, or church attendance.

So here is an operational proposal.