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Evils prevail,
Defeating the I’s struggling free.
Debt for selfhood at other’s expense

Experienced in the daily bread
In which heaven’s will does not prevail
Since mankind cut themselves from your kingdom

And forgot your names
You fathers in Heaven.

R. Steiner – The Macrocosmic Our Father


The fact is that those people who wish to devote time to self-development using the tools of spiritual science almost always have to spend most of their time chasing after the money that everyone needs to live. This the modern form of imprisonment and torture of early Christian times.
This is a problem, and can cause serious human consequences. Most people are forced to spend most of their time chasing after money to survive; and then face surprises like bailiffs coming to seize furniture for an error in social security contributions. Many have to face clients who do not pay and a thousand oppressions from banks to bureaucracies.
I have seen people lose their houses because they worked for local governments, in dispute with central government, and they got steamrollered financially in between. The stress killed one man I knew.
We all know of families torn apart through money worries, where love is so often defeated by fear of starvation.
People really do starve from lack of money, and in the “rich” West freeze to death through lack of cash for winter heating.
When forced to beg for help, friends can feel abused and withdraw forever. Families betray each other for money, and end up never speaking again.
These are all things I have seen myself, and I am not alone.

There are many reasons, amongst which feature:

Analysis – Types of Money
Steiner (and Lievegoed) distinguished various types of income as follows, each of which acts on the soul/spirit differently:

Earned income (from business, labour etc.). This is the normal/neutral income type.

Inherited capital. This can act quite toxically on the soul/spirit.

Gifts. These can be very beneficial for the soul/spirit: but these days they are rarer and rarer.

NB I am ignoring anything unethical (including gambling, even in financial markets), since that would damage any spiritual progress, according to the principle one step forward in knowledge, two steps forward in ethics.

What I am suggesting below is a new way of organising ourselves that helps us all to survive and move forward, to overcome all of the disasters referred to above.

It involves a new method for earning income, through learning/teaching (spiritual sector activities according to the theory of threefolding).

As such it enables us to work for ourselves (which gets rid of much of modern wage oppression), and through education in depth, helps us to overcome another form of modern stress: the fact that 85% of businesses fail in the first two years.

We will need all of our inner disciplines of concentration, equanimity and pure action to succeed: but that is precisely what we have available to us through years of inner practise.

Analysis – Use of Money
It is clear that what many spirit practitioners need above all is an ethical method of earning money in order to face everyday needs without requiring too much effort once the initial set-up has been done. This should free us up to face the needs of our fellow human beings, who need our time above all.

This need is clear from the number of Eurhythmists virtually and literally starving to death, and from the often-encountered circumstance of having to abandon spirit work projects because of outer crises provoked by money.

Money, defined by Steiner as the life-blood of society, is due to be administered by the Logos, but is currently abused by Ahriman, as a means of manipulating mankind. It needs not just to be mastered, but used creatively for everyone’s benefit.

Here is one example of what is possible, based on Steiner’s ideas: instead of having mortgages, accessible only to a few who can afford to save up the down payment required for a house, and where a human disaster can lead to the loss of one’s home (not all risks are coverable by insurance) – instead of that a circle of guarantees can be formed.

Such a circle of guarantees is made up of 12 people who know the borrower well, and they guarantee 1/12 of the monthly instalment due for a home loan. This enables the unemployed to buy a home, small holding farmers to buy their farms, and so on: all of which are almost impossible otherwise.

A special (often Anthroposophically inspired) financial institution takes those 12 monthly guarantees, and uses that to obtain the funds required to purchase the property, at rates often lower than those available from mortgages – and without the forced sale threat in the case of default.

The point is that if for any reason the borrower cannot pay, the guarantees are called into play to deal with the shortfall, and since each party only bears 1/12 of an instalment, it is bearable for everyone.

Where this has been done (e.g. France the NEF and Holland Triodos Bank) rates of default have been approximately 10% of comparable loans for other banks over periods of more than 20 years.

Proposed Solution and Adaptations

The aim is to provide multiple streams of income (knowing that some can fail), regardless of how well we prepare, through unforeseeable circumstances too, such as natural disasters.

I have spent some years researching internet marketing in order to find an ethically acceptable business model where nobody is cheated, and where the features we need for inner working are also catered for (i.e. the possibility of full time income for part time work), so that we can devote time to our own development and helping others as we go.

The problem is that there is information overload about this, wrapped up in so much hype that it is almost impossible to distinguish who has something worthwhile to sell, and who is just a scammer. There must be hundreds, if not thousands of ethically dubious if not downright fraudulent get rich quick schemes.

There is a great deal of wrong information out there, about entrepreneurs and how they are the real source of wealth in an economy: yet most of them fail again and again and again.

I have finally been successful in my quest, as you will see below.

However, certain unique adaptations have been necessary to the original product in order to make this proposal fully compliant with the ethical side of things, so that anyone who joins can be supported in full by me, in a similar manner to what is outlined above.

I am suggesting a similar community approach as above to make failure virtually impossible, though education and mutual support systems.

This is how it works: at various stages along the path to qualifying/learning how to run the business (you can look at it as a kind of franchise model, though it is much more like a profession in my view) there will be a need for investment by the individual into his/her own education. That education is what enables profit.

That is because what sets this model apart is its educational and professional approach: it requires a great deal of investment (mainly, but not only in terms of time) in learning, and in applying the lessons to real life. And its practical applications are vast in almost any domain.

Anyone can join the normal programme normally through me by using a link I will provide on request: but you will be on your own for the investments in education required at each stage, because you would be in the normal system.

Alternatively, if you are interested in the community I am suggesting we set up, this is how it will work.

Firstly, you click the link button (it is important you use this link and this link only, otherwise it will not work) and pay the minimum fee for the course content to start off with. That is normal, just as it is normal to pay for a book about Spiritual Science.

However, by applying to join the community being created, I request that you commit to ploughing back 10% of your earnings (as I am doing) to subsidise those who cannot afford to pay the later stage fees for themselves. This will be organised in groups of 12, as outlined above.

This is voluntary. If you do not wish to commit to the 10% plough-back, you are free to access the system without participating in the community, as stated above, via a different link I will provide on request.

To be clear, 12 people will pay for 1 person in full who cannot afford to do otherwise.

In addition, there will be an additional 20% per complete circle of 12 people. That will be set aside in a central fund until there are 12 such funds, when one person can be fully sponsored by the group in learning how to make money.

Once there are 12 such funds, they will also set aside 20% to another central fund, and so on and so forth as far as necessary.

The central funds are set aside in each group, (and in each central group to form other more central groups etc.) as a resource to protect members against the unforeseeable in life. Just to be clear, I am not talking about the kinds of thing we can insure against, but unforeseeable circumstances of any kind, such as those outlined at the start of this document.

Each group of 12 shall appoint a representative to the central fund, and so on and so forth. Each central fund shall decide by majority who/how/why any finds are allocated, and whether payments are made in full or in part, and in what proportions. It does not come down to me but to you, the members, and to the demands of real life.

As regards the 10% commitment, that is to continue as long as we continue to earn using the method taught. I am sure we can all afford 10%, because the whole point is to be able to replace a normal income – and 90% of a normal income should not be any real hardship for anyone to live with. Some even assert that we can earn very large sums: so much the better, because then the 10% set aside can do more, and help more.

The important thing too, is that each circle of 12 persons should only know the other 12 people, plus, for representatives, another 12 people from other groups.

That preserves the cellular structure against any attempts to infiltrate and dispossess or to take over by force, as happened in the past with the Templars, and in this way should enable the community to continue regardless of outside interference.

It should also be clear that there will be no contracts, nor any external structure whatever in this endeavour: in accordance with ethical needs for absolute freedom, everything must be done on a purely voluntary basis, or not at all.

I should also stress that, even if nobody joins the proposed community, that will not restrict anybody’s earning capacity in any way.

The whole point of this proposal is to set up real brotherhood in the economic sphere, in accordance with the ideals of threefolding, in total freedom of spirit, and in full compliance with the law.


Please go and take a look at the links I have set up on the websites below.
If you do not like what I suggest, you can just say no: viz. do nothing. That costs nothing and is entirely up to you.
If you would like to join in, just click on the button.
In addition to what has been outlined above, you will get various special bonuses from me along the training path.
These are to help you to understand how the process works, and what is involved, and to guide you in the most ethical use of the learning, in whatever commercial field of application you may choose: and they are many of them.
Any you can contact me at any time, as I will follow up with you daily (and sometimes more than that).
Initial website links are (more will come later):
You can use my email or any of the contact forms at the above websites to ask any questions you may have.
Thank you.